Thursday, October 6, 2011

With Deepest Sympathy


I've been holding up this story for a few days.

Last Friday, my boss' husband, passed away.

It was a shocking news for me because I knew him. We always had outing as a team and my boss would bring her family too. From there, I knew her husband. He's a quiet person but very nice. He had a sweet smile and very fond of taking photos. Last outing we had was at Aquaria KLCC.

Macamanalah perasaan my boss tu sekarang?

If I were in her shoes.. I'll be helpless. Weak. Heart-broken.

You're talking about losing a husband here. A husband to you, and a father to your children.

Yep, they have small kids. The first daughter is 6 years old. And the second daughter is only 3 years old.
How would they feel, growing up without a father?

His death was a very shocked death. He's not sick. For me, if all this while he was sick, it would be easy for me to let him go.. Because we already knew and might already be prepared. But if he left suddenly like this, it will bring major sadness.

It is very sad.

My deepest sympathy goes to my boss and her family. I wish her well and my prayers and thoughts will always be with her.

This was captured during our outing at Taman Botani, Putrajaya on August last year.
My boss is the one wearing red shirt, holding her little daughter.
Her late husband is beside her, holding and kissing their first daughter.

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