Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Saya Takut


Harini dapat berita yang kureng syok.

Police: Public going overboard via social network over splasher
THASHA JAYAMANOGARANWednesday, May 18th, 2011 12:50:00PETALING JAYA: Police have cautioned the public not to create alarm about the serial "acid splasher" via social media. 
Selangor CID chief Senior Assistant Commissioner Mohd Adnan Abdullah said police welcome public communication via social network sites such as Twitter and Facebook about the serial acid splasher but they should not go overboard and create panic among the public.
Over the weekend, Facebook and Twitter were buzzing with supposed attacks by the serial acid splasher in various part of Kuala Lumpur and Selangor.
On Friday night, a group called #Ttdi Tv on twitter, said Kota Damansara and Bandar Utama areas have been attacked by the acid splasher.
On Sunday night, Facebook had users re-posting alarming status updates, notably, (sic) "someone saw the acid splasher in Seri Kembangan as well as Cyberjaya MMU. Those who notice 2 guys with the no. Plate of WPV (followed by four numbers) pls contact your nearest police station asap. They had just splashed 15 of the victim while shouting 'Bosia'. Most of them are admitted in Serdang Hospital." 
However, when The Malay Mail checked with the respective district police, it was confirmed that it was false rumour-mongering.
Police have thus urged the public to confirm the facts before posting such so-called incidents online.
"We encourage the public to share information online on the acid splasher. However, confirm the facts with us first before posting. Unconfirmed updates will simply alarm the public," said Adnan. 
He said police had set up a special task force to nab the culprit and his accomplice.
Since March 2, there have been 10 acid splashing incidents which injured 23 people, most of them women and children, and mainly in KL (except for the Ampang case and another in Mantin, Negri Sembilan).
The latest attack was on a police officer's 30-year-old daughter last Friday in Wangsa Maju, KL.
The attacks were often at places with heavy traffic and constant movement of people as it was easier for the acid splasher to target victims and flee.
On weekdays, the attacks usually occur during daytime, and on weekends, the attackers appear in the late afternoon, evening and at night.
The acid splasher, sometimes accompanied by an accomplice, are said to have used motorcycles of Honda EX5 and Yamaha makes.
Those with information on the splasher can call police at the Rakan Cop hotline (03-2115 9999) or SMS POLISKL at 32728. 

Ok, takut :( Walaupun it may be just rumours, aku tetap takut. Dah ada sebut Cyberjaya dah kat situ. And Cyberjaya pulak memang tempat isolated sket. Tak ramai orang. Easy target. *damn worried*

Segeralah tangkap dorang ni. Please stop them. Please.. 

Ya Allah Ya Tuhanku, Kau jauhkanlah aku, keluargaku dan rakan-rakanku daripada musibah in Ya Allah. Lindungilah kami.

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