Thursday, May 5, 2011

Bapak Gila Bunuh Anak

Haa tow dia.. tajuk GEMPAK. Tapi memang gempak pun news yang aku nak share dengan anda-anda semua.

Kisah benar ye ni tuan-tuan dan puan-puan.

Pda November 2010, seorang bapak yang psycho lagi gila di Australia telah membunuh anak perempuannya yang berusia 2 tahun semata-mata sebab dia tak dapat hak penjagaan anaknya itu setelah bercerai dengan isterinya.

Petikan dari News Straits Times:
MELBOURNE: An Australian man wrote on his Facebook page he was “bout to kill ma kid” minutes before repeatedly stabbing his two-year-old daughter and leaving her to die, court papers revealed today.

Details of the case emerged when Ramazan Acar pleaded guilty in Melbourne Magistrates Court to killing Yazmina Acar in November 2010. Documents tendered to the court showed that Acar made the comment on the social networking site Facebook, also describing it as “pay bk (back)” for the girl’s mother, his former partner Rachelle D’Argent.

The court was told that on the day of the murder, Acar arrived at D’Argent’s house and she reluctantly let him take the child to a nearby shop for some chocolate. He never returned, stabbing the girl in the chest and stomach, and leaving her to die a prolonged death in scrubland in northwest Melbourne.

Acar, 24, spoke to D’Argent by phone and sent her text messages after taking Yazmina, at one point telling her she would not get her child back and asking whether he should kill the girl in a car crash or stab her.

“How does it feel to not have your child when I did not have mine for three months?” he told her, Australian news agency AAP reported. He also said: “I loved you Rachelle and look what you’ve made me do.”

Acar, who was remanded in custody and ordered to face the Victorian Supreme Court later this month for further hearings, also reportedly told police he wanted to kill himself as well but “did not have the balls”. - AFP

Petikan dari Herald Sun:
THREE days before he murdered his toddler daughter, Ramazan "Ramzy" Acar told the world via Facebook how much he loved her.

"Yazmina + Ramzy 4 lyf," was his message.

On the day of her death Acar, 24, posted: "Bout 2 kill ma kid."

After kidnapping Yazmina, 2, a pitiless Acar gave her mum Rachelle D'Argent updates on his plan to murder their daughter as she desperately tried to persuade him to bring her home, Melbourne Magistrates' Court heard.

He used Facebook, SMS and phone calls to taunt her.

In one phone call he told Ms D' Argent: "I'm going to do it. Do you have any last words for her?"

Yazmina came on the phone and said to her mum "I love you" and a weeping Ms D'Argent replied "I love you too".

Acar then stabbed his only child with a 30cm knife, watching her bleed to death.

He told Ms D'Argent "I killed her to get back at you."

After his arrest Acar -- who pleaded guilty to murder yesterday -- was worried only about his own fate, crying and asking an officer at the scene "how long do you think I will get?"

Acar was banned from seeing his daughter because of his drug taking and violence, but tricked his way back into their lives.

On November 17 last year he arrived at Ms D'Argent's Hallam home and asked to be allowed to take Yazmina to a milk bar, just a few minutes away.

Acar had never been violent towards their daughter and Ms D'Argent reluctantly allowed him to take her.

"If you saw her face when she saw her dad. She had stars in her eyes when she ran up to him," she said in her police statement.

"That's why I let her go with him."

Acar then began sending Ms D'Argent text messages.

One read "It's ova I did it", another said "I h8t you" and a Facebook message read "Pay bk u slut".

As she left court yesterday an emotional Ms D'Argent said she had to be there for her daughter, who was described as an active intelligent child who loved Dora the Explorer and riding her pink bicycle.

"I wanted him to look me in the eye and he did," she said. "A quick glimpse but enough for him to say he was guilty."

Magistrate Peter Reardon remanded Acar in custody to appear in the Supreme Court on May 18.

Motif dia bunuh anak dia tu satu je - nak balas dendam kat bekas bini dia sebab tak bagi jaga anak. Well hello, you're a drug addict, well known as a violence person, how can a mother let her little child stay with you. 

Tapi disebabkan si anak yang masih kecik, naif dan tak tahu ape-ape and longing for a father's love sanggup ikut ayah keluar sekejap. Just to spent a little time with daddy. Tapi sang ayah pulak sanggup bunuh anak sendiri...

Manusia bila akal terlalu sempit, singkat, kebodohan melangkaui segala-galanya.

Poor little child...

 Yazmina Acar

The bloody hell father,  Ramazan Acar


  1. Setuju ngan Mama Hanim II... masyarakat makin lama makin bnyak yang mental

  2. mama hanim,
    itula pasal.. mungkin sebab pegangan agama tak kuat, terlalu stress dan emosi terganggu...

    saya pun setuju.. mintak jauhla kan



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