Sunday, February 6, 2011

Victoria Beckham Mengandung - Baby Girl On The Way!


"Who cares," you might say.. Well, I care! hehe.. Kata minat David Beckham kan. Harusla minat Victoria Beckham dan seluruh ahlil keluarganya :P

Becks with their 3 heroes, Brooklyn, Cruz & Romeo 

'David and Victoria are over the moon. This will be their last child and to be told they are having a girl is the icing on the cake for the Beckham clan.'

Suka wedding dress dia. Simple tapi mahal gile ni beb. 
Mimpi jela nak ada wedding dress camni

They have been married for 11 years uols! Lama tu 11 years. Bese kita ingat celeb couples ni susah nak berkekalan. Maybe their love towards each other are very strong that's why they are still together. Though dulu David Beckham ni kan pernah ada scandal dengan sape tah perempuan tu... Rebecca Loose? Eh ape tah nama ehehehe...  

Ape-ape pon, tak sabar nak tengok baby girl Beckham neh. Mintak-mintakle comel cam Suri Cruise ehehe.. The baby is due to be born on June so means she's now 5 months pregnant. 

Beckhams' sharing the news

I wonder what will be the name given to their baby girl nanti. Pernah baca somewhere dulu, nama anak-anak dorang ni diberikan sempena nama tempat baby tu di'conceive.' Brooklyn di Brooklyn, NY, Romeo dalam kereta Alfa Romeo (erk) dan Cruz maybe in Spain masa David played with Real Madrid dulu. ehehe.. macam macam! Tapi tak sure la kesahihannya.. We'll wait and see :)

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