Friday, July 10, 2009

Friday Dress Up Day dan Birthday Celeb Lagi

HAPPY [dotdotdotdot'th] BIRTHDAY TO MY BIG BOSS, JASON T. !!

Weeee~ xde gambar dia nak upload hehehehe.....

Jason, ur a great mentor and I'm happy to work with u..Thanks for all the advice you gave to guide me through this "EVIL" Business world..

Kitorang actually plan a surprise birthday celeb to him. Kitorang dah start preparing since last Monday sebab kebetulan dia was on leave. So hari Isnin tu, we made a special card for him. Kitorang tempek-tempek gambar kat atas satu cardboard besar.
Then, pagi-pagi hari ni, kitorang masuk bilik dia and decorate the room with baloons.hihih, masing-masing cuak kalau dia tetiba datang awal ke hari ni sebab biasanya dia masuk ofis pukul 9.30pg. Nasib baik kitorang sempat decorate sebelum dia sampai.

Around 9.15am, one of us turun kat basement carpark, tengok dia dah sampai ke belum. Bila dia dah sampai kat carpark, kitorang cepat-cepat masuk bilik dia, switch off lights, kunci pintu and duduk diam-diam belakang pintu. Then, dia datang, bukak pintu, slow-slow kitorang nyanyi Birthday song. Terperanjat dia hehehehe..... It was fun to give him a little surprise like that...

Kitorang had lunch at Kitchen Village. Not badla the food. I love gulai kepala ikan dia and sizzling sotong masak assam mmmmm yummylicious! Then petangnya pulak, sesi potong kek...

Glad my boss is happy. He's been working very hard. He has given so much effort on his work. Last 2 weeks, he was hospitalized but yet he still managed to reply emails and work from the hospital bed. He's such a great role model. After that hard difficult time, now he can at least take a moment to relax andhave fun with his subordinates, US, the OPERATIONS TEAM :D

There's a 'gila-gila' activity in the office today! It's dress up day and every team has to come u with a theme on what type of dress they're going to wear today. Jadi, macam-macam gaya ada kat WK hari ni. We have team with

:::Beach Wear,


:::Black & White attire (tribute to Late MJ they claimed),

:::White Socks and Black Shoes (juga tribute to MJ ihihih),

:::MAN U Players (dorang pakai jersey MU plus kasut bola, stokin panjang & sume lah. Memang seriously nampak macam real MU Players),

:::Vampires (They have this black cloak, ada taring palsu, siap mekap-mekap lagi. Memang cun lah!)

:::Rainbow Party (they wear rainbow colour dress. Ada pakai yellow, ada pakai hijau, ada pakai red etc. And they have this party hat, Rainbow tengah berpartila konon-konon hehe)...

:::Print t-shirt (this team wear their own design t shirt. Nice! Suka dengan kata-kata printed on their shirt 'BAD GRAMMAR MAKES ME [SIC], I AM COMPOSED, nice nice..)

Dan pemenang bagi Dress Up Day kali ini ialah the Vampire Team!!!! They are very good, really creative. They are really into character when they're presenting their team. Nice nice, they deserve to win :D

Gambar-gambar untuk aktiviti di atas akan aku postkan kemudian..Our WK Photographer blom upload the pics in our shared drive. Kamera aku plak at that time was in Level 3... So, wait for post yang penuh illustration nanti ya! :D

--- Amal: I enjoyed my every second working in here hikhik.............

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