Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Satu Penghijrahan

Assalamualaikum... =)

This is my hmm tak-tau-blog-ke berapa-dah hehe..

Currently i'm posting all my thoughts dkat Friendster's Blog ---

Tapi sekarang..rasa macam nak beralih angin..

Nak beralih ke tempat yg lebih besarrrrr hehe..

anyhow, i'm new in this thing, i'm slowly learning, but i won't slowly sharing..

i want to make this place, as a place where i can share my thoughts with the whole world (bsr cita2 ku eheh)..i want to make this place as a place where i can tell story, tell everyone what i've been doin lately, a place to talk laa..also talk to my own maybe..

please support me ya!! =)



  1. sy support ko.. hehe~
    sori la, busy giler sy.. x smpt nak update blog..

  2. tenkiyuuuu...
    saye ni curi2 masa ni hahahaha
    hrp2 boss xtau hehe



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